A New UK Panjabi Music Channel – Our Aim Is To Revive The Panjabi TV Scene – 5AB TV


We have stated on several occasions that the Panjabi entertainment scene is growing at pace like never before. The digital era has seen Panjabi music and culture opened up to the world, but? Is the UK maximizing the growth? Are UK Panjabi’s TV watching needs being understood? Are Panjabi artists getting the exposure they need?

Panjabi TV does not have the best image and does not appeal across the board, so step forward a new innovative channel called 5AB TV.

5AB TV is an upcoming UK Panjabi music TV channel with the aim to revive the UK Panjabi TV scene. Being launched by a collective of Panjabi music fans, the channel will boast all there is to boast about our genre. We will celebrate artists and their music, no matter where they come from. We understand how much money goes into making music for artists which is why we will always keep it FREE for artists to post their music on our channel. If any artists / record labels are interested in getting their music played on 5AB TV (once again, for free) then all they need to do is send us an email to info@5abtv.com or DM us on Twitter @5ABTV.

The good thing for Panjabi music fans is the commitment from 5AB TV to air music videos for free, which will in-turn help the scene and awareness of an ever growing genre. So if you are an artist and or A DJ with video mixes then please get in-touch with the team either via twitter or via info@5abtv.com, and lets make some NOISE, as only Panjabi’s do!

More information on the TV Channel will be released soon and remember the first place to catch any updates on the new channel will be here at Daily Ent. Xpress.



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