A Positive Attitude = Fighting Fit Mentally and Physically


Living in the real world for most of us, we fully grasp there is no such thing as a ‘smooth/stress free’ day, month, year, let alone 12 weeks (with relation to the start of an exercise or lifestyle change.) There are things that are out of your control, things that you cannot influence, good days, amazing absolutely shocking days and days when you literally want to cover your head with your duvet and hide away from the big bad world.

This ladies and gentlemen is life,  “Its how the cookie crumbles”. As easy as it is to say, do not let the things that are out of control frustrate you or anger you. (From experience this only leads in more negativity.)

Let me tell you.

Example 1: Every single traffic light after already leaving the house late turns red on your way to work.

As mentioned, you have NO control over this event. (Without breaking the law, and that, I don’t recommend).
Do your utmost (as hard as it can be) to find that silver lining, breathe deeply, you’ll find by sucking up more oxygen, you start to feel a bit more relaxed.

Example 2: The fact that you are in your car, listening to your iphone (nothing against Android fans but I am an iPhone kind of guy) on your way to your paid place of work that pays (after the B bomb!! The bills) for your enjoyments in life. Mine to name a few, unlimited cinema, holidays and spending money on my 6-year-old twins! …the list goes on, and on.

Moral of the story?

Focus on what you can control. “Every cloud has a silver lining”, again another famous saying, but one that is so so important if you wish to  keep a positive mental attitude in general. We are all human; we cannot all physically be positive 24/7.
In regards to exercise and a healthy way of life, it’s these little things that will if you let them, throw that huge spanner in the works.

Example 3. It’s a Monday morning; you’ve got a big big project on at work with a deadline. You have made an appointment to attend a gym session, as the afternoon goes on, you realize that time to complete the deadline is running out.

You are fully aware that the appointment is important, but your priority is your work and completing the deadline on time. You cancel the appointment and focus on work.

The fact that you cannot make your gym session is again not in your control.

What do you do?
Look at your diary and suggest an alternative time to exercise so that you don’t miss the session-simple as that. Quite often we over complicate simple decisions, almost as if we are trying to make things harder for ourselves (and we do not need that, on top of everyday stresses.) One missed gym session isn’t going make your fitness journey come to a standstill. Just as one bad meal isn’t going to undo ex amounts of weeks progress.

Do not let it frustrate you or anger you, in fact look at it as a motivator to do the things that you can control (food preparation for the next couple of days, hit your 3 liters of water, don’t miss any meals, let yourself snack healthily). Again, turning what could be a bad situation and set you up for a ‘bad week’ on its head and get you in a positive mind-set.

Worry/action about what you can control. Not vice versa.

Let me tell you! Infuse your life with action! Don’t wait for it to happen! Make it happen! Make your own future! Make your own hope! Make your own love! And whatever your beliefs, honour your creator! Not by passively waiting for grace to come down from above! But by doing what you can to make grace happen yourself! Right now! Right down here on Earth! Keep moving forwards!

Manjit Singh Dol

(Manjit Singh Dol’ – An Introduction)


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