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Prince Set It Off: Over the last few years, we have heard rumours and whispers of this pool of talent that is set to explode out of the Tru-Skool camp, but until recently they were just that – Rumours! until now, step forward Prince! This debut single Set It Off will be the debut release from Check One Recordz.

Remember Prince Set it Off out on March 19th.

So we thought it only right that we hook up with ‘Prince’ and see what this Nottingham based singer is all about. As soon as we start talking to ‘Prince’ we delve straight into music and his history, not many people will be aware but Prince as well as being a student of Tru-Skool’s has been a Bhangra dancer for almost 10 years and competed in competitions all over the UK, this highlights that Bhangra music is a part of his DNA and we ask if this is what will make him unique as he steps forward into the public eye as a recording artist.

Will it make me unique? My performance potential is what I think makes me unique. As a Bhangra Dancer I’ve competed and performed on stage for over 10 years and over the last year or so I’ve had the opportunity to perform as a Backing Singer for JK and The Tru-Skool band. These experiences have taught me how to be comfortable in front of a crowd as well as be very engaging and entertaining. As a singer, it’s very important to bring good quality music out but I believe that it is equally as important to be able to perform Live if and when needed.

Being engaging with a crowd and listeners is vital in today’s market, artist’s have to be active on social media and really have to sell themselves to get people to buy into what their vision is, so as we look forward to your first release what do you want to achieve from it?

First and foremost I’m a music fan. These days there seems to be a divide between people who want folk and people who want ‘Commercial’ or ‘Dance Hits’. My hope is to build a bridge between those music fans by showcasing variety in the songs we do as well as hopefully bringing a bit more of a youthful approach to the scene
Our initial goal is to try our best and showcase my personality through music. Before being a ‘singer,’ I am a music fan! There are many genre’s that inspire me and I want to try and showcase as much variety as I can through the music I release. One thing I can definitely say is that you will hear something different from us. I know it sounds cliché but we’re working on a more of a youthful sound that you may have not heard from Tru-Skool before. We want to try and reach a wider audience and hopefully with the release of the single, we can start building towards this goal.

Remember Prince Set it Off out on March 19th.

That’s interesting a ‘youthful sound’, we here at Daily Ent. Xpress feel that a move in that direction is a real positive for the scene and you being UK born and being able to speak, read, write in Punjabi is more of an exception among our youth than the norm, unfortunately, do you feel it is vital for the ‘youth’ of today to fully grasp Punjabi, rather than just knowing a hook line?

It’s extremely important! I’m very fortunate to have grown up around a very desi environment and that has moulded me into the person I am today. Of course, being able to speak is important, but when you can understand Panjabi well, only then do you realise how beautiful the language is. Panjabi Music and Poetry is phenomenal and being able to understand the deepness in the Lyrics opens up a whole new world for me. Plus some of the bars these days are sick A.F. to sing along to!

It’s refreshing to hear a new artist who has such a passion for the Punjabi language, at no point during our discussion have we touched on brands of shades or clothes, but instead, we have just talked music, we went to explain our love of Babbu Maan and why we still rinse ‘Saun Di Jhadi’ and asked Prince which album made him sit up and think damn…

I would have to say “Legalised” by Panjabi MC. I remember very clearly when and how I came across that Album and how much my brother and I rinsed it, not just back in the day I’m on about now too, the quality of production and vocals – wow, who wouldn’t love Punjabi music after hearing ‘Legalised’.

So as we sat and discussed Punjabi music we decided that we would touch base closer to a release date, but before we went we had to ask Prince about which singers have influenced him on his journey so far.

I HAVE to start this off with Jazzy B. I know a lot of artists say this and very rightly so. He is the O.G! Also, it’s hard to answer this question without naming about 20 other singers, but one of my major influences is JK. He is an absolute catalyst in my journey to becoming a singer! It’s a very long and layered story and hopefully one day I can explain it in detail! JK is and will always be one of my favourite singers ever! Saying that, I still feel influenced by all the good quality singers out there (old and new). As a student of Music, I try my best to learn from whoever I can and there are so many people out there who I would love to talk to and learn from.

Well us being us and discussing music we just wanted to know more about Prince, so prior to wrapping up the interview we had to delve into his top 3 albums that he would class as his favourites, the one thing this then also gives us and you the reader is an insight into the kind of artist ‘Prince’ wants to be. Remember Prince Set it Off out on March 19th.

I know most would say “Ghugian Da Jhora” or “Folk ‘n Funky”, but “Folkal Attraction” by Jazzy B is easily one of my all-time favourite albums ever! Don’t @ Me

Second album is “Word Is Born” by Tru-Skool. My brother heard about this album from his mate and after listening to it he played it to me and straight away we were hooked! We both became massive fans of Tru-Skool, never knowing that many years later I would get the opportunity to learn from him as well as get a chance to release music as a recording artist.

Last but not least, “Gabru Panjab Dha” by JK. As mentioned above, I’m a massive fan of JK! Gabru Panjab Dha inadvertently did more for me than just be a collection of songs. Singing to me was always a passion but I had no idea how to pursue it (Nor did I want to). It was just something fun to do when chilling with mates. However, knowing that JK was a student of one of my favourite producers when I got the opportunity to meet Sukh (Tru-Skool), I asked him if he would be willing to teach me. I thought “What’s the worst that can happen? At most he’ll tell me to Shut The F*** Up D*******” (Lol). But fortunately for me, we exchanged numbers and many years later here we are! That aside, the album is a banger and even to this day I listen to that album cover to cover every week or so!

Separately, I would like to thank Daily Ent Express on doing this article! Really appreciate it and a big thank you to J Skillz and the whole DEX team!

Big shout out to Prince for taking the time out to discuss music with us and giving you the music fan a bit of insight into what and who he is, as we get closer to his release Set It Off we will touch base again and let’s hope that is not too far away… Check One Recordz seem to have a bright future if they are releasing artists of this quality! Bring it on!!

Remember Prince Set it Off out on March 19th.

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