Aakad Amrit Maan & Desi Crew – New Punjabi Song 2019


If you wish to glide out of work and into the weekend with a silky chilled out tune, then hit play below. Aakad is the new Punjabi song from Amrit Maan and Desi Crew. The song has been released on Bamb Beats and is now available on all streaming platforms. Review By DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress).

Amrit Maan has a unique delivery style. He is a brand on his own, so each release is more of an event than other singers releasing. Aakad does not disappoint as a release. A slick and impressive video is married with a limelight hogging performance Ginni Kapoor. Desi Crew has provided a laid back chilled catchy and clever production. The strings coupled with the dreamy vocals of Amrit Maan do get you listening throughout. This will be added to the playlist for sure. A refreshing change to so much of the hype aggressive tracks that are circulating at present.

Aakad was the second single in the last few months from Amrit Maan and Desi Crew. The previous release was Jatt Fattey Chakk. The song was released via Speed Records and after an initial big impact, the song did stagnate. If you missed the song Jatt Fattey Chakk then just hit play here:

Song : Aakad Featuring : Ginni Kapoor Lyrics : Amrit Maan Music : Desi Crew Mix & Master : Sameer Charegaonkar Producer : Amardeep Singh (Rubal Sidhu) Harinder Dhaliwal Online Promotion : Being Digital Director : Savio Sandhu Video : Savio & Yug Producer : Amardeep Dop : Shoeb Sadiqi Editor : Gobindpuriya Makeup : Addy Assitant : Rajvir , Camy , HarG

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