Afsana Khan 2 Songs In 2 Days! The New Gurlez Akhtar?


Afsana Khan hit the headlines in 2017 when she participated in the Reality TV show ‘Rising Star’. Since that moment Afsana Khan has not stopped. The soulful Punjabi singing sensation is now hitting playlists across the globe and it does not look like she will slowing down either.

2018 has seen Afsana Khan sing big hits such as Jaani ve Jaani, Chandigarh Shehr, Yenkna, Rabb Jane, 2 Peg & many more! Chandigarh Shehr produced by Aman Hayer really was her big breakout song, this led to enquires from music producers across the globe. Prior to that Afsana had recorded many vocals for other producers, they now seem to be surfacing almost daily.

This week also saw Sidhu Moose Wala confirm that the leaked song ‘Dhakka’ will also get a video later this month. So is Afsana Khan set to be the Gurlez Akhtar of 2020? So many people claim to have her vocals and this week has shown it is not always a good thing when this happens.

The song Sajjna Mereya was released last week.  This highlights what might be an issue when so many people have songs of yours.

Music for the song Sajjan Mereya is by Younge Malang. The song is a soulful laid back number yet vocally does it do justice to Afsana Khan? Her voice does not sound as tight as on other productions. This is a downside of having so many vocals with so many individuals, the quality control will disappear.

on 9th November just one day after Sajjna Mereya Speed Records released Kuch Bol Ve by Afsana Khan. Vocally she sounds so much better, but two songs in two days?

Gurlez Akhtar has released more songs than any other artists in 2019 over 180. Yet if you ask fans they will not be able to name more than 5-10 songs. This, in turn, has seen Gurlez Akhtar suffer.

She is touring successfully and making waves, but recordings wise producers are now looking at Gurlez and wondering whether to record with her, based on the number of songs coming out from her.

A warning shot for Afsana Khan? Less is more may not be applicable to Punjabi artists these days. But, quality control is key! Let’s hope in 2020 we see Afsana Khan become more exclusive than what Gurlez has been in 2019. We need more songs like Lootera by R Nait that are polished and well-produced rather than any tom dick or harry jumping on duets and cheap productions! But we may be asking too much it seems!


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