After One Of The Songs Of The Year G Khan Goes In On Afsana Khan


One of 2019’s biggest duets so far is the song Chandigarh Shehr. The song was produced by our very own Aman Hayer. The singers on the song were G Khan and Afsana Khan. The song opened up new audiences for the singers and it all seemed so sweet. Well, never judge a book by its cover is what they say!

Chandigarh Shehr, the song in full is here and it all seemed so happy!

A few days ago G Khan was performing live on stage and all seemed fine. The crowd were loving the show and then the request came in for him to sing Chandigarh Shehr. This is where the whole thing went out of shape. The video below see’s G Khan launch into his then duet partner. He talks about how Afsana practically begged for an opportunity to sing with him. How she then threw a diva fit and talks about what he says is the real Afsana. G Khan certainly did not mince his words, will Afsana reply?

Check out the video of what was has via our Partners in India –  Ghaint Punjab and please subscribe to their YouYube channel for more videos like this:

This latest dig at Afsana Khan comes only days after she herself went after Gurlez Akhtar. The interview was about the ‘leaked’ song Dhaka featuring Sidhu Moose Wala. Some leaked versions of the song credited Gurlez Akhtar with singing the song. This upset Afsana who then said how disappointed she was that Gurlez had not clarified the matter. We think Afsan Khan may need to be reigned in. The song has been released illegally, none of the sites are genuine so why should Gurlez Akthar comment? Check out the story in full here via Ghaint Punjab:


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