Ajay Devgn Hari Singh Nalwa Biopic Coming Soon?


Ajay Devgn Hari Singh Nalwa Biopic: Praise has been heaped on Ajay Devgn after a screening of his film Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. The screening was for distributors and other important members of the trade. Everyone came out of the film praising it highly. Trade insiders and critics have also suggested that they want to back the entire series of films being made under the tagline of unsung warriors or unsung heroes. Ajay Devgn then revealed that he is making a biopic on Hari Singh Nalwa!!

“It was a closed-door screening, but we enjoyed the film a lot. The film had enough material, keeping in mind a lot of VFX that would come in handy when the film would achieve its final look. Ajay is now looking at making a biopic on Hari Singh Nalwa, the commander-in-chief of the Sikh Khalsa Fauj next,” says a trade source.

Ajay Devgn in an episode of the Kapil Sharma showed also stated that he’s working on a biopic on Hari Singh Nalwa.

This news comes just months after Film Valley released its trailer for the CGI Animated Hari Singh Nalwa Movie, read all about those details here:

The Great Sikh Warrior Hari Singh Nalwa Film Promo Released

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