Albums With One Letter Removed – Yesterday Western Albums, Today Desi Albums!


OK! So yesterday New York based music website, Pigeons and Planes, tweeted this “Albums With One Letter Removed”  and they had some real good ones, as you can see from our cover picture! The thing was massive with fans jumping on board with their own ideas.

So we did what desi’s do best, we took the idea and ran with it! lol check out our 7 desi albums that have one letter removed!! Do you have any? #DesiAlbumsWith1LetterRemoved

Now for our desi albums, and remember guys this is just for jokes as we are aware some people are a bit touchy about having music fans smile!

Number 1

Tar Crazy – Big in the travelling communities!

Number 2

 Wham Bam – Becomes the food lovers – Ham Bam

Number 3:

Just remove the “L” in Public – No pictures needed for this!

Number 4:

Tour India, very aptly becomes “Our India”

Number 5:

 Forever Gold, becomes Forever Old, the do say things get better with age

Number 6:

Switchin – Can only be Witchin 

Number 7: The best till last!

Grass Roots, remains desi with Rass Roots



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