All Hallows Eve Special – 10 Signs Your House Might Be Haunted


Halloween is coming and people are gearing up to dress like ghouls and ghosts to scare the sh*t out of kids coming to trick or treat. But, on those cold nights do you ever feel that you may not be alone?

Experts Barri Ghai, Sandy Lakdar and Chris Fleming from the TV show Help! My House is Haunted, looked at what things may highlight that your house is haunted! Hey but don’t be too scared, because the weird thing is if you are Asian, all the listed things below could describes ones mother in law…..

  1. Feeling of being watched when alone
  2. Feeling a sudden and inexplicable change in temperature or a sudden static/electrical charge in the air
  3. Household objects mysteriously disappearing and then reappearing in different places
  4. Hearing unexplained whispers, footsteps, thuds or someone calling your name
  5. Seeing shadows or movements out the corner of your eye
  6. Frequent electrical problems such as lights inexplicably turning on or off, or appliances not working or acting up
  7. Feeling of being touched by unseen hands
  8. Unusual smells such as unexplained perfume scents, flowers, cigars, cigarettes, food or even the stench of death and decay
  9. Waking up unexpectedly between 3am and 4am and sensing dread, fear or feeling like you’re being watched
  10. Feeling of grief or sadness in specific rooms or areas of the house

The research, which was carried out by leading statistician Dr Geoff Ellis to mark the release of the new show, found 39 per cent of people have reported seeing a ghost and 67 per cent claim they know someone who has.


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