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Weird thing is, we love TaZzZ as an artist and human being, but he supports Chelsea, should that matter, well to us yes, because we just do not like Chelsea, but we like him! & This is his new single “Allah Ke Bande” makes us like him even more!

Joking aside, Taz is an artist who does not conform to any rules, and that is what makes him so interesting, he does what he wants, when he wants and each and every time with a smile on his face and a great amount of dedication. We asked TaZzZ about the new single and how it came about:

“I’m just happy being me and celebrating life and sharing happiness. Someone who’s been low knows the true meaning of happiness. I’m just in such a positive place right now and want to make everyone proud especially my motherland”

Check out the new release from TaZzZ ft. Priti Menon here:


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