Almond Coloured – Byg Byrd, Sunny Malton & Big Boi Deep


Almond Coloured (Latest Punjabi Song): Lockdown, quarantine or whatever you want to call it has tested us all. You can either turn off to the world or you can embrace it. Punjabi musicians Byg Byrd, Sunny Malton and singer Big Boi Deep picked up the baton and embraced it! The Brown Boys camp were not about to go into isolation!

The ‘don’t rush challenge’ videos have been going viral and that spurred the Brown Boys camp into action. The song Almond Coloured was born and the challenge was thrown out to the ladies to get involved! Apne ladies being the brave souls they are- took up the challenge in huge numbers including the BBC Asian network presenter Harpz Kaur!

The video is packed with videos from ladies who took up the challenge! This is a great bit of innovation and certainly did bring a smile to our faces during these testing times! Big up the Bown Boys camp for this!

Almond Coloured comes hot on the heels of the song Hisaab. The Brown Boys team of Byg Byrd, Big Boi Deep and Sunny Malton all feature and this song has exploded! The production from Byg Byrd lures you in straight away and Big Boi Deep just blesses the beat with a real direct and heavy vocal. This works big time!

Check out Hisaab by Byg Byrd, Big Boi Deep and Sunny Malton here:

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