Aman Hayer Punjabi Storm, The New Music Series


Aman Hayer Punjabi Storm: One of the most talented Punjabi music producers Aman Hayer is embarking on a new musical journey and he wants you to come along for the ride. Taking to social media today Aman Hayer announced that he would be releasing a series of instrumentals via his Youtube page and the first one is here – The Punjabi Storm.

“So over the next couple of months, I will be sharing some instrumentals I have created from scratch. They will all feature different styles of music and instruments. I’m starting with a dhol track which is titled “The Punjabi Storm” the instrumental will be live on my YouTube channel.”

Part 1 of the new series has now been released and is pure desi music gold, we have dhol, tabla, drums, pads, daria all played by Aman Hayer. Punjabi Storm also features Tumbi by the late Harmesh Meshi, the Bugchoo by Jeet and Dhad played by Rashpal Singh. A music collective that we hope to hear more from soon. If you are a fan of traditional Punjabi music then this will surely get you warmed up and could well be your go-to when putting that playlist together!

Aman Hayer has had one of the biggest songs this year from the UK with ‘Mafia Style’ featuring Sidhu Moose Wala. On a totally different vibe is Aman’s release ‘Chandigarh Sher’ on Fresh Media Records, the song is one of the best pieces of music this year and if we can get instrumentals like this, then Aman, you are onto a winner.

Chandigarh Shehr song credits: Punjabi Singers – G Khan / Afsana Khan Lyrics – Garry Sandhu Music – Aman Hayer Video – Prince 810 Models – Jaggi kharound / Arsh Project – BillaSembhi Promotions – Gold Media Entertainment with special thanks to – Moviebox Uk


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