Aman Hayer Ranjit Bawa – Hath Jod Ke (Leaked?)


It is a strange world we live in at times. We here at the Daily Ent. Xpress office get sent a ridiculous amount of songs to listen to on a daily basis, one caught our eye today. The song is called Hath Jod Ke and is by Aman Hayer and Ranjit Bawa. Surprising as this was not even something ourselves and Aman had discussed over the last few weeks.

We are then are informed the song has been leaked. The leak was confirmed by Aman Hayer himself, as we had texted him sarcastically thanking him for letting us know about this new release. He was as surprised as us that this song had been leaked. Unfortunately, this does take away from what would have been the finished & mastered version.

“The song is something I did for Ranjit Bawa and to be honest, the release had gone quiet, but that is normal as that many songs come out these days. So I am just as surprised as you guys that this has ended up on YouTube. I guess some people have too much time on their hands lol.”

Check out Hath Jod Ke by Aman Hayer and Ranjit Bawa here:

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Ranjit Bawa has had an official release the last few days. The song is called Like Karaan from the Punjabi film Khatre Da Ghuggu. Check it out here:


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