Aman Hayer Talks Controversial Artist KS Makhan & PitBull


One man who repeatedly hit the headlines in September and October was KS Makhan. His outspoken and public support for Gurdas Maan saw people agreeing with him. Then only a week later KS Makhan hit the headlines again when he ‘returned’ his Amrit. Throughout that period one artist shared his support for his ‘brother’ & that was Aman Hayer.

Aman Hayer has today released his latest song Pitbull and true to his support of KS Makhan, he is featured on the song. Some may say it is too soon for KS Makhan to return to the fore in the music scene, but for someone like Aman Hayer who supported him over the last two months, the timing was never in question.

KS Makhan is someone who I am very close too, I never hesitated in any way about putting him on this song Pitbull. The song was ready quite a bit ago, but due to my constant touring and busy summer, this was the first chance Elite music had to release it. I have worked with KS Makhan for many years now and other than being a musician he has become like family. For me it is about the music. Nothing else. KS Makhan sounds good on the song Pitbull so I had no hesitation in releasing it.  Let us not forget that KS Makhan is still a good singer and talent artist.

Badal Talwan is also a good friend and the song Pitbull is all about him. He is a vocalist who deserves a bigger stage. So the song is not just about KS Makhan , it is to remind people that Badal Talwan is an underused and solid singer. 

Badal Talwan is underused in our opinion. DJ Dip’s had used him on his recent album, but the exposure for Talwan did not reflect the quality of his singing on that product. Hopefully teaming up with Aman Hayer and KS Makhan will place Badal Talwan firmly in the consciousness of the Punjabi music fan once again.

KS Makhan was not shy in holding back when he talked about hitting the headlines recently, check out the interview here:

The KS Makhan Interview – Angry Answers Or Home Truths


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