Amanjot Sacked From His Job After Posting TikTok Videos


TikTok It is the worlds fastest growing social media network and Indians across the globe love it. One person who took his love for the video sharing platform too far was Amanjot Singh. He has been sacked from his job and blacklisted as a bus driver. What did he do wrong?

Amanjot was driving his bus from Punjab to Delhi. The urge to post TikTok videos proved too strong and whilst driving he managed to upload videos of him working. Yes, the bus driver recorded himself driving at night for the pleasure of his TikTok fans.

He filmed himself with Punjabi songs about drivers playing in the background. The incident took place a week ago and Singh has been fired from his job.

Amanjot Singh was a contractual employee. As soon as the video reached the general manager of the Jalandhar bus depot, he ordered the dismissal of the driver. GM Parmeet Singh Minhas told a TOI reporter, “Somebody sent this video to me on Sunday and I instantly ordered to take the driver off road and also ordered his dismissal and blacklisting.”


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