Amitpal Singh Bajaj Murder Tracked Down – But Location Not Revealed


The wanted fugitive Roger Bullman who is on the run after the murder of Amitpal Singh Bajaj has been found. A Norwegian TV network has tracked him down but will not reveal his location. Roger Bullman is on the Interpol most-wanted list.

It was back on August 21st that Roger Bullman killed British IT expert Amitpal Singh Bajaj, 34, in his Phuket hotel room. The row took place at 4am when a drunk Roger Bullman started yodelling on the balcony of his room next door to where Mr Bajaj was sleeping with his wife and son.

Thai Police were called to the scene and Roger Bullman was released on bail. He then fled from police and has not been seen since.  Detectives in Thailand have now upgraded the offence to murder and Interpol has issued a global warrant for his arrest. Now Bullman has been tracked down to a secret location by a Norwegian TV network and says he will give himself up if he can return to Scandinavia.

Speaking from a secret location in Asia, where he is in hiding, Bullman said that he was prepared to return to Norway to stand trial and a possible prison sentence so that he could be near to his daughter and because he is more likely to get a fair hearing. 
‘That’s just what I am thinking of now. I feel I have disappointed her so much,’ he added.
‘To come home and just be with my daughter. If I’m put in jail and things like that, it doesn’t matter. If only we are in the same country, and she can come to visit me.’

He admitted that he was determined to remain on the run because he is too afraid of the harsh prison conditions in Thailand, where he was due to stand trial and believed that the justice system there is against him.

Bullman, a burly 6ft 2in bodyguard and martial arts expert has been described by authorities as ‘dangerous’ and was last known to be in Vietnam.

He was tracked down by Norwegian television channel TV 2 Nyhetene, which has not revealed his exact location. Read more on the case here:

Amitpal’s Alleged Killer Jumps Bail In Thailand & Is On The Run!


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