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One man who is making huge strides in 2019 both musically and in films is Ammy Virk. Bollywood as well Punjabi cinema want more and more of Ammy Virk, couple that with his huge music following you can see why 2019 is set to be a big year for the Punjabi singer.

As Ammy Virk prepares for his role in his upcoming Bollywood film ’83’ which is about India’s cricket world cup win in 1983  he has embarked on a media tour where he is talking to press and doing interviews 24/7. It was one of these recent interviews that caught our attention, a laid back Ammy Virk opened up about his life and music to Bollywood YouTube page ‘Film Companion’.

One of the funny things to come out of the interview is when Ammy Virk talks about his BSe Medical qualification, he admits that he still to this day does not know what job that qualification it would have led him too, he only did the course because off a girl he was attracted to! Who know is married to someone else!!

Ammy Virk goes on to talk about how he raised the funds to launch his first song ‘Chandigarh Diyan Kudiyan’ and how after the songs release he refused to take calls from record labels and how he had basically switched off to releasing more music.

Cricket/handball or singing were all options open to the talented Ammy Virk who had never thought about acting at that point in time as Punjabi cinema was not releasing anything of note as Ammy was growing up.

The interview is very light hearted and a great insight into Ammy Virk, a really good watch, check it out here:


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