Amrit Maan Talks Diljit, Gippy and Singing!


The queen of afternoon radio Noreen Khan welcomed current Bhangra royalty Amrit Maan to her show this afternoon and in a light hearted conversation touched on a various aspects of his work and how he got started on his music journey.

Amrit Maan was asked by Noreen Khan how he made the transition from writer to singer, Amrit said it was Diljit Dosanjh who convinced him to get into singing. Jatt Fire Kharda was my big break, said the singer, the song was deemed controversial due to the amount of violence in the song, but the song blew up once released, that was my big break.

Amrit Maan went on to say that he used to send his songs via voice notes to the likes of Gippy Grewal and Diljit Dosanjh and it was on the set of Jatt Fire Kharda whilst sending a voice note that Diljit convinced him to start singing. Gippy Grewal, Jazzy B and others all pushed Amrit Maan to sing and all supported his first vocal release ‘Desi Da Drum’.

Desi Da Drum was also the video that highlighted Amrit Maan’s unique hair, beard and dress sense, and when talking about this Amrit Maan explained how the beard had come about by accident. On the days prior to the video shoot for Desi Da Drum Amrit Maan was feeling ill and had not shaved, but video director Arvinder Khaira convinced him to keep the beard and moustache as it made him stand out, four years on, the beard is still going strong.

Talking about his other songs Amrit Maan discussed one of his biggest hits to date  ‘Bamb Jatt’ and Amrit touched on how Jasmine Sandlas had to be sold on the idea of the song. Jasmine Sandlas felt the the song was a risk and other people as well as Jasmine were telling Amrit that ‘Bamb Jatt’ was too much of a deviation away from his folk style, and his fans may not like it. Amrit Maan believed in the project and convinced Jasmine and his team and the rest as they say, is history!

Talking about his acting Amrit Maan admitted that he was in awe of Neeru Bajwa when on set, and that working with such a legend was a real learning curve. Amrit Maan went on to say that we may well see him back on the big screen next year as he is talking about film projects with various directors.

To listen to the interview in full, just click this link to the Noreen Khan Show 


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