Angrej Ali – Drinking In The Last Chance Saloon?


The Punjabi music scene in 2019 threw up many things, some good and some confusing. Angrej Ali fell into the confusing pot, but he was not the only singer who seemed to be dazed by the new Punjabi music scene and what was happening around him.

Punjabi singer Angrej Ali has been on the scene for well over a decade. He has had many a huge hit. The common factor in these hits was producer Aman Hayer. Angrej had carved a good following for himself among Bhangra music fans who loved to hear his desi vocals. Angrej Ali had some time out of the scene due to illness and making the journey back to a new and confusing scene proved very difficult.

He still has a good voice, but the Bhangra songs he was doing seemed to have now become a niche market and he, unfortunately, was getting overlooked. This has happened to many artists. When this happens the first thing people think about are – How can I impact straight away? What is trending? What is popular! Forgetting what made them popular in the first place.

After a traditional song with Aman Hayer, Angrej Ali started to chase trends. This is all fine and good unless those who you are working with do not grasp how to fully utilise you as an artist. The name Angrej Ali is still popular. Him experimenting benefitted others more than it benefitted him. Truth be told a new age Punjabi music fan would have totally missed his recent releases as they were not of the standard of previous songs. Or of the standard of new songs.

Saturday 10th January sees Angrej Ali back with Aman Hayer for the song Hike. This also features Punjabi singer Gurinder Rai. This will hopefully see a return to form and sound for Angrej. The new world of social media-driven popularity of songs is confusing for all.
Angrej is hopefully returning to his authentic sound as drinking in the last chance saloon is far too risky for someone as talented as him! (Hike by Aman Hayer and feat Gurinder Rai and A Ali is out Saturday 11th January)

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