Angreji Gaalan, Armaan Bedil & Gurlej Akhtar (Video feat. Surinder Shinda)


Speed Records present their latest Punjabi song ‘Angreji Gaala’ which features Punjabi singers Armaan Bedil and Gurlej Akhtar, the music for ‘Angreji Gaala’ is by Music Empire and the lyrics are penned by Joban Cheema, the video features the legendary Surinder Shinda.

Two songs and a video appearance in a week, Surinder Shinda looks more gangsta now than he ever has, and he is the star of the video, even dropping an English swear word towards the end of the video lol. ‘Angreji Gaalan’ sees Armaan Bedil join forces with Gurlej Akhtar and the duet has a lot of comedy, and a good hook line, the song is well produced by Music Empire, it will get a few plays but long term……?

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Song: Angreji Gaalan
Singer: Armaan Bedil, Gurlej Akhytar
Music: Music Empire
Lyrics: Joban Cheema


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