Another Copyright Issue? This Time Ranjit Bawa v Garrie Dhaliwal


The Punjabi music industry is breaking barriers each and every day it seems, and reaching new audiences. So are we asking for a lot when we say ‘Get Your House In Order?”

It was only last week that we saw Manni Sandhu and Dilraj Grewal have a very public spat on social media about song ownership and the same subject has now reared its head again, reports Ghaint Punjab, but this time, it involves the mild mannered Ranjit Bawa and the ownership surrounding his latest release ‘Badami Rangiye’.

So last week Ranjit Bawa released the song ‘Badami Rangiye’ and credited lyricist Bittu Cheema and Nicku Dhammu for the music.

But, Punjabi singer Garrie Dhaliwal has released a video claiming something entirely different! Garrie Dhaliwal, (Loud Jatt fame), claims in the video that the same song ‘Badami Rangiye’ has already been sung by him in the year 2016. He also mentioned that the song is penned by lyricist Gurwinder Bal who gave out the song in 2014 and they got it registered back then.

But lyricist Bittu Cheema claimed that he had wrote the song and got it registered in 2015. A year later than the registered date claimed by Garrie!

Ranjit Bawa has been asked to remove the song or credit the right people, will he do either?

Check out the video below via Ghaint Punjab explaining the whole situation!


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