April 2019 All The New UK Punjabi Songs


The month of April was much like any year, the focus was on Vaisakhi and the start of the wedding season over the Easter period. April was a mixed bag from the UK, with Aman Hayer and Gurj Sidhu leading the way.

The list below is in no specific order before any artists start moaning about where they are placed lol.

Mukar Gyi- Gurj Sidhu
This is a  return to a more traditional style and sound for Gurj Sidhu, his last release was very UK targeted. Mukar Gyi was trending number 1 in India and the song is getting a huge response in Punjab and Canada.  The video is on repeat across several TV stations in Punjab.

Chandigarh Shehr- G Khan & Afsana Khan – Music Aman Hayer
Aman Hayer is known for his amazing ability to make music gold, and this ballad is no different. Aman Hayer has managed to pull at the heart strings with some amazing production and has really impressed with this tune.

Mafia Style – Sidhu Moose Wala & Aman Hayer
Aman Hayer’s two releases this month were poles apart, this his second release featured the man of the moment Sidhu Moose Wala and had everything you expect from a Sidhu tune. For Aman, this was a departure from his comfort zone, it does seem as if he has pulled it off though as the song is everywhere!

Like U – Kaur B & Hunterz
This collaboration was one we never expected, Hunterz and Kaur B? The song saw both the producer and Kaur B looking at new crowds and fans, a new style from Kaur B and a welcome return from Hunterz with his unique sound.

Beauty Queen – Manjit Singh & Manj Musik
Manj Musik has earned himself a reputation as the go to producer if you want that new Punjabi pop sound, and this song is no different, it is pop and commercial, exactly what Manjit Singh was after.

Steering – Dr Zeus, Jaggi Jagowal, Raman Romana
Dr Zeus’s sound has mass appeal and if you want a piece of that pie then an appointment with the Dr is a must. ‘Steering’ has the Zeus stamp all over it and that is what Jaggi and Raman were after and they got in in abundance.

Punjabi Anthem – Nirmal Sidhu & Dav Juss
This was one of April’s surprise hits, it came out of the blue with very little hype and Dav Juss really did impress with the production. It is always good to hear Nirmal Sidhu’s vocals and he truly is in his element here.

Falling – H Dhami feat. Raxstar
H Dhami is always evolving and once again ‘Falling’ saw him deliver something uniquely H Dhami. ‘Falling’ seems to have gathered momentum as the month has gone on and that was to be expected as the song is not your run of the mill Punjabi tune, brave and well appreciated, more please Mr Dhami.

Dholna – Waqas Rizwan & Kam Frantic
If you want a solid production and a you are newish artist on the scene in the UK, who do you go to? Kam Frantic is the man for that technically correct sound and he proves that once again here.

Damn Damn – Subaig Singh
Subaig Singh latest release saw him team up with noted producer Harry Anand, ‘Damn Damn’ from the off was never aimed at any other market than India and as a result the song has a very India pop feel, so if that is your thing, check this out.

Gtown Desi – Putt Sardaran De
Well if you are adding the vocals of Biksha Billa then you know you are onto a winner. ‘Putt Sardaran De’ from the guys at Gtown may have been missed by a few but if you like that old skool sound and if you was a fan of the Ranjit Manni/B21 version of Putt Sardaran De’ this may well appeal to you.

Gallan Goorian – Kulstarr & Mahiraj
This was only released on April 30th so many of you may have actually not heard this as of yet, Kulstarr is a producer who likes to experiment and take on big tracks, this once again is one of those. If you like the whole ‘mix’ thing then this may be something to float your boat.

Desi State Of Mind – RV Narang

Talking about mixes, if you like that whole mash up style track, then RV Narang’s latest release ‘Desi State Of Mind’ is something you may have missed. The music is by Anand B and the song has now been out for 3 weeks.


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