Argument Over TV Remote Leads To Husband Stabbing Wife


A 50-year-old fisherman in Chennai stabbed his wife over an argument about the TV remote. The incident took place in Ayodhi Nagar and left Veeran’s wife with multiple injuries. The victim, Usha, 47 was admitted to theย  Government Royapettah Hospital.

According to the police, the accused Veeran was watching old film songs and consistently channel hopping when his wife asked him to stop channel hopping and put her channel on if he was not watching anything. Veeran refused and kept the remote with himself. After trying to snatch the remote from him, she began abusing him verbally leading to an argument.

The verbal argument turned in a scuffle when Veeran pushed Usha to the ground injuring her leg. She retaliated by slapped him. Angered, Veeran went and fetched a knife from the kitchen and threatened to stab her, thinking he was joking Usha proceeded to change channels. Veeran then stabbed her, which left her with multiple injuries on the neck, stomach and chest.

After hearing her cries, neighbours rushed for help. Neighbours told the police that the couple always fight over the tv remote.The police have now arrested Veeran who had fled from the spot.


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