Arian Romal – Big Booty, Yes You Read That Right – BIG BOOTY


It was an early start to the day, and whilst checking the inbox for the latest releases, one stood out, stood out bloody loads….

It was from Punjabi record label Yellow music, now the last release from these guys was the track “Maa” and prior to that was “Rah Chad Do” two fairly standard desi tunes, from a record label that only really stays in it’s lane. So when we saw an email called “Big Booty” we did think they had spelt “Boota” wrong, a track called “Big Boota” is very very Yellow Music. But nah,  Booty was correct and this was the video, the artist is Arian Romal, a UK/Canada label dropping this would be funny, but they know better, so Yellow Music doing this really has us confused, almost as confused as the girls in the video at 1 min 34 seconds wondering why some woman is working her booty during peak shopping hours in a busy mall.

Errmmm Enjoy


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