Arif Lohar – Do Not Forget The Role Of Punjabi Folk Music


Punjabi folk music great Arif Lohar has spoken about the current music scene and the importance of Punjabi music around the globe.  Arif Lohar is the son of another Punjabi music great Alam Lohar. So, if anyone is speaking about the importance of Punjabi folk music then this lineage has more right than most.

Lahore was speaking to the gathered press in Karachi overnight. He talked about how good it is to see Punjabi music going global.

Even though he was pleased to see music grow, Arif pressed home the importance of promoting Punjabi folk music. 

This is a good time for Punjabi music, so people should take advantage of the growth of the scene in Punjabi India and Pakistan to push the folk element of the music. Punjabi music has such a rich history and that should never be forgotten.

The Punjabi music scene is full of talent and that talent should also share their platform with folk songs. Incorporating folk music and songs into the modern scene is not a hard thing to do.

The promotion of our heritage and our ability to produce folk music should be key to all artists. Punjabi folk artists gave people a platform, do not forget the platform it gave you.

The legendary Folk singer went on to say that we should work hard for the development of the music industry because Punjabi music is popular all over the world. Professionalism is a must. The whole world is looking.

Arif Lohar pointed out his recent Jugni Mastqaladar as an example of how folk music can be incorporated into the new music scene:


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