Daljit Singh Charged Over Dog Mauling Of Young Arjun Grewal


Arjun Grewal, 6 years old, will be scarred for life after being mauled by a dog on the way home from school. The young boy was walking home from school with his mother and sister on Ilchester Road, Dagenham. Neighbour Artan Mahmood’s brave actions have said to have saved Arjun’s life.

UPDATE: Police have charged Daljit Singh, of Ilchester Road, with two counts of ownership of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury and one count of custody of a fighting dog.
The 46-year old is due to appear for a plea hearing at Willesden Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, April 2.
Two other people arrested in connection with the attack have been released with no further action.

Arjun was unable to see out of his swollen left eye for three days, suffered two broken ribs with scratches and bites to his cheek, forehead, shoulder, stomach, back and chest, reports the Barking and Dagenham Post.

Speaking to the Dagenham and Barking Post Dad, Harpal Singh Grewal, said: “We’re very lucky he is safe. His whole life he will be suffering. Before this, he was very active. He’s just scared a little now. He doesn’t want to see people.”

Arjun’s mum, Sandeep, yelled at her son to run after the dog attacked on November 19.

Neighbour Artan Mahmood heard screaming outside before his terrified wife Manthura Athman banged on the living room window, screaming at him to open the front door.

He rushed out to see Arjun trying to beat the dog away and a teenage boy attempting to drag it off.

Artan kicked the animal before pulling it back, throwing it to one side, scooping up Arjun and dashing to his door. But the animal leapt at the 29-year old’s back, sending them crashing onto the pavement. The gym-goer shielded Arjun with his body, but the dog kept attacking.

Arjun’s bloodied school shirt. Picture: Jon King

Retail worker Artan grabbed a shovel from a neighbour, hitting the dog whose jaws were locked on to Arjun. It let go after Artan hit it with a bin but chased them to the house.

They dashed inside with Artan beating it back before his wife slammed the door shut.

“We could hear it scratching the door. It jumped at the window, growling. The boy was so scared. He told my wife, ‘Please hold me, please hold me’,” Artan said.

Harpal, a roofer at Jas Roofing Ltd, said: “If this man had not come outside. If God had not sent him. He’s a very good man.”

But the humble hero said: “Any passing person would have done the same thing.”

A Met spokeswoman said that three people were arrested on suspicion of having a dog dangerously out of control and having a prohibited dog in public. They have been released under investigation.

Hero Artan Mahmood


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