Article 13 Is Passed By EU Courts


Copyright laws which critics say could change the internet have been voted in by the European Parliament.

The new rules will hold tech firms – such as Google and YouTube – responsible for material posted without copyright permission.

Many musicians and creators say the legislation will compensate artists fairly – but others argue that they will destroy user-generated content.

Google said it would “harm Europe’s creative and digital industries”.

High-profile figures who have campaigned against the EU Copyright Directive include Wyclef Jean and web inventor Sir Tim Berners Lee, while Debbie Harry and Sir Paul McCartney have been among its supporters.

Copyright is the legal right that allows an artist to protect how their original work is used. The courts have given platform two years to get an action plan in place and to prepare, so this will not happen overnight.

So what body of works could be impacted?

YouTube singers and DJ’s will be impacted, videos like the one below will no longer be allowed as they would infringe the law, and the platform would be held accountable for letting it sit on its platform.

So, all these YouTubers will need to think about how else to be creative as the game has changed!!

But from an artists stand point! This is great news and the onus now shifts to the platforms who host such content… if they do not remove it…then they are liable!


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