Article 13 See’s 200 Organizations Join Forces To Support The Copyright Directive


First and foremost here is a quick reminder of what Article 13 is:

Article 13 would force digital platforms to pay content creators for using their work, while imposing stiff penalties for those failing to filter against infringement.

In other words, if you use someone else’s work, lets say you are a DJ and you using video content from another artist or musical content from another artist, then if YouTube do not remove the said work they will be held accountable, so they as an organisation will start removing content faster than ever before!

Amidst major infighting between artists and labels/publishers, Pan-European music industry organizations now largely support the bill. These include IMPALA, GESAC, and ECSA. Names attached to the letter also include BIEM, CIAM, CISAC, IAO, and IMPF.

Article 13 goes before the European Parliament at the end of March, an open letter has now been sent to the European law makers from over 200 firms stating that the article needs to be passed, the letter reads:

“We, the undersigned organizations, representing authors, composers, writers, journalists, performers and others working in all creative fields, information businesses, e book, press and music publishers, audiovisual, and unbiased music producers name on the European Parliament to undertake the Directive on Copyright within the Digital Single Market.”

Musicians and other content creators are struggling more than ever to make their art-form pay, and Article 13 will benefit those artists who create original content, thus forcing others to do so also! Let’s hope this makes it through the European Parliament and gives artists greater control of their own work!


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