As Bollywood Recreates Another Punjabi Song – We Feel This Is A Better Way To Go


Bollywood is still king in India and its global footprint is growing with new markets like China and the middle east consuming Bollywood projects like never before.

A lack of innovation from Bollywood musically has seen it take inspiration from India’s regional music scenes and the rise in popularity of the Punjabi music scene has meant that it has become a target of Bollywood again and again. Punjabi music fans have called this out many a time, but this latest cover of a Punjabi song is by the original artist himself? Akhil.

Bollywood still has a lure to it, and Akhil want’s a piece of the pie, nothing wrong with that , in fact we feel that if Bollywood was to seek more interaction from the original artists on it’s covers then peoples perceptions would change.The songs would reflect the original better and artists would have a direct input as Akhil has done here.

We are not huge Bollywood fans but if they continue to work with artists when doing covers then surely that has to be a step in the right direction? Having said that, I’m sure we will be having this debate again soon, as the Bollywood version of ‘Daru Badnaam’ is all set to hit us soon..


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