As BritAsia TV launches The First Official Punjabi Music Charts – How Do They Work?


Punjabi Music Charts: On October 16th Britasia TV confirmed a new partnership. This new partnership will see the UK get its first official Punjabi music chart.  The first new chart goes live tomorrow on Britasia @ 6pm. Check out the promo here for the new show:

Many Punjabi music fans have asked how the charts are calculated, here goes: 

First and foremost the Official Punjabi Music Chart will only count sales, streams, views from within the UK. The official charts company only provide access to numbers from the UK market.

The Official UK Chart is calculated by sales as well as both music and video streams, with a variable streaming ratio depending on whether the user has a free or paid subscription. This means that 100 paid streams will equal one sale. 600 free streams equate to one sale. 

The UK Punjabi music sales are more on average around the 200 – 400 per week for a good song, hence very rarely will you see a Punjabi song chart in the weekly official UK mainstream chart. 

For example, if your track gets 100,000 paid streams across the various online music & video platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and other, they will be counted as 1,000 sales by the charts and included in your final sales total, whereas you’d need 600,000 free streams to generate that same number. Other sales include both paid digital downloads and physical releases.

How many sales do I need to get into the Official UK charts?

In recent years, the average UK Top 40 single will have made at least 8,000 sales, while the number one track will have sold around 100,000 copies. The UK Top 100 requires at least 1,000 sales. The figures for the Official UK album chart are similar, with the average top 40 album selling over 4,000, and the number one typically achieving sales of around 60,000.

47 is all set to be the Number 1 song in the official Punjabi Music Chart tomorrow 

To read more about how the official Punjabi music chart came about, check out our previous article here:

BritAsia In Conjunction With The Official Charts Company Launch – The UK Punjabi Chart


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