As Bups Saggu Prepares To Drop Jugni – We Talk Classic Requests


2019 was a tough personal year for Bups Saggu and that has lead to a new more envigorated individual with more of a desire to succeed. Jugni is his next release from his successful ‘Folk’n’Bass series. As we all know Jugni has been covered many times, so making it your own is very very difficult.


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The Folk’n’Bass series has seen Wolverhampton based Bups Saggu take classic Punjabi songs and give them his own treatment. Jugni is now set to get that Bups treatment. The new version of Jugni is going to be released on January 10th and features singer Prabh Ubhi. This got us thinking, so we put in the call to Bups and got talking!

What Are The Most Requested Punjabi Classics At Weddings! 

Everyone loves a classic Punjabi song at weddings, the drunk uncle dancing, the can’t sing uncle singing. The classic Punjabi songs brings out the best and worst in us all. Now, Bups has seen a lot more weddings than we have. So we got him thinking and asked him to give us the most requested classic Punjabi songs at weddings. Agree/disagree? The list is quite long, but we trimmed it down to the top 6/7 song. Have you requested these? We know we have lol!

Tera Yaar Bolda, this timeless classic seems to one that is requested when the wedding is in full flow and those middle-aged couples want to throw a cheeky wink in the direction of each other!

Challa and Sajna Ve Sajna are always requested towards the end of the wedding. The glassy has kicked in, people are getting all emotional. Punjabi’s love these tunes as they hug it out and pre-long their goodbyes. This is the emotionally driven end of the wedding go-to for all Punjabi occasions. 

Putt Jattan De, whether it be the original or the new version, this is simply the most requested Punjabi classic. And, damn does it get everyone up! This classic can be thrown on at any time and will ram the dancefloor like no other song. 

GT Road/Tere Tile Ton, Every Punjabi occasion needs a bit of Kuldeep Manak and these two songs are everyone’s favourite it seems by the requests I get. Those young folk fans and old all throw their hands up and sing along word by word!

Lastly, it has to be Rail Gaddi. No matter how many times people say they are not joining,  two minutes later they are driving the train! Just like trains in Punjab, this Rail Gaddi has a mind of its own and no matter how many passengers there are – this gaddi has room for them all!


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