As DesiBel Drop The Promo To 12 Bottlan – Who Is Romy Bakshi


If you are starting out fresh on the scene, aligning yourself with UK Bhangra great Kam Frantic is a great start. Bakshi is fresh, unique and with a style very much of his own. DesiBel Media and Kam Frantic might just have unearthed another gem here.

Romy Bakshi is first and foremost a fan of Punjabi music. Growing up in the UK, Bhangra music impacted a whole generation. Romy talks fondly of his admiration of artists such as Jazzy B, Nachattar Chattha, JK, Chamkila, Lovely Nirman, Durga Rangila to name a few.

Romy hit the headlines in Punjab earlier this year when PTC did a story on him and his tattoo of Yograj Singh. Little did we know then what Romy and Kam Frantic had cooked up in the studio.

Yograj tattoo Romy

“Anakh Jattan Di” was the film that took Romy Bakshi from just a fan of Punjabi entertainment to being someone who wanted to be a part of the scene. The passion for Punjabi movies increased as he started to watch more and more. Even though he wasn’t from the Pind he was inseparable from Punjabi folk culture and was thoroughly inspired by these classic movies. Romy Bakshi became a huge fan of Yograj Singh, Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi.

It wasn’t just films though. Punjabi music was on repeat daily Surinder Kaur’s records were mostly played at home by his family so Romy was surrounded by Folk Music.

In his teens being a die-hard fan of Jazzy B he discovered Ustad Kuldeep Manak while listening to Jazzy B’s interviews. Jazzy specifically mentioned his Ustad Kuldeep Manak in many interviews. It was at this point when Romy bought his first tape “Ik Kurri Koonj Vargi” and then the collection of Punjabi Folk music did not stop…

Even though the traditional upbringing in a Punjabi household helped him to stay close to the roots, culture and traditions. But watching old movies of these Legends and listening to folk music enabled him to have a good command of the Punjabi language.

Welcome to the scene Romy Bakshi …. Now drop that single!!


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