As Gurj Sidhu Trends In India – Why Is The UK Not Showing Love?


Since 2017 one of the most active UK Singers has been Gurj Sidhu, that no one can question. Albums, singles, videos and an ever-growing fanbase Gurj Sidhu has appealed across the globe to Punjabis everywhere, but why is this show of affection not replicated in the UK where he is from?

Gurj Sidhu took to Twitter prior to his latest release ‘London Wale’ with an infographic of his followers on the social media platform Instagram, the graphic highlighted that only 1% of his following on the platform his from the UK!

Gurj Sidhu has worked alongside the likes of UK producers Tru-Skool, Kaos Productions and Manni Sandhu all who have a lot of love from the UK, so why has this not manifested itself in a show of love for Gurj Sidhu, is it a case of the UK music lovers not taking to a new style of singer from the UK?

Gurj Sidhu can come across brash and very confident when on stage, this is a departure from UK singers who always seem to play the humble card when doing interviews or performing live, has this been at the root of his lack of love from the UK? An overconfident individual is something new to the UK. Yet overseas, that show of arrogance is lauded up by fans.

Two of the main reasons we feel that Gurj Sidhu has not been accepted fully by the UK market is his love of experimenting on a global scale, as well as working with UK producers Gurj has picked up the baton and took himself to producers overseas, he has worked with Snappy and Byg Byrd and that goes against the grain of many UK singers who work with UK producers solely, and chase a long gone UK sound!

The second reason we feel Gurj has suffered in the UK is his good business sense, he has seen that the Punjabi music scene is now more global than ever, he has pitched himself to a new record label in India, he is out doing videos in Canada as well as recording songs across the globe, has Gurj embraced the global market faster than the UK Punjabi music fan?

The UK should look at what Gurj is doing and see it as the way forward for other singers – Regular releases, working social media, FULL videos, lyrical videos and get out of the mindset that the UK dominates global tastes. As unfortunately, as Gurj Sidhu is highlighting, the UK is no longer where it is at even for homegrown talent!


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