As Rishi Sunak Turns His Back On The Arts – Aman Hayer Shows Initiative


Musicians and artists have criticised Chancellor Rishi Sunak for suggesting that people should retrain and find new employment if they lose work due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing restrictions. Punjabi music producer Aman Hayer who is a supporter of British arts and entertainment has come out fighting in response to the comments made by the Chancellor.

Yes, you read the right, our very own Aman Hayer is putting up his own cash to support innovation and arts to ensure that these generations talented individuals do not miss out on the chances that he was afforded whilst growing up.

Aman Hayer took to social media to seek out individuals from the UK who were looking for support in these testing times. We here at DEX then caught up with Aman Hayer to see what were the details behind this latest post.

Aman Hayer – You see it was very different for me when I was growing up as a musician in the UK. Gigs were happening so musicians had work, or even if you wanted to put on your own gigs venues were open to allow that to happen. 
Now, those opportunities are not there and we have so many talented individuals who may just walk away from the arts and that is criminal. The long term impact of such events doesn’t bare thinking about. Musicians are still able to release music and do smaller shows, but scriptwriters and actors are the ones who are being impacted the most. Theaters are closed, people are not shooting films and we are losing talented individuals as they struggle to make ends meet.
This is why I have decided that I want to help, I want writers who have scripts ready to go, to get in touch with me. The UK is a hotbed of talent and I want to see it succeed. My offer is not only open to Asians but to all UK residents who have a script and are ready to go. Scriptwriters actors get in touch, let’s lift the doom and gloom! I want a thriving UK arts scene and this is me giving somthing back! I’m proud of my UK roots and I want to be able to support the scene as it supported me! So get in touch and lets get the ball rolling –

So what are you waiting for? If you are from the UK and have something to offer then get in touch with Aman Hayer and let’s get the scene back to where it was!

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