As The World Wishes Surinder Shinda ‘Happy Birthday’ We Pick Our Top 10 Shinda Classics


The word legend is branded about far too easy these days, with the shelf life of singers now seemingly getting shorter one man in the Punjabi Industry still stands tall and he is 100% deserving of the term ‘legend’ the man? Surinder Shinda.

May 20th saw Surinder Shinda celebrate his birthday and rather than send him a cake we thought we would select 10 songs of Surinder Shinda’s that have seen him become a ‘Legend’, these are our picks so you may agree or disagree, but one thing we all agree on is – Surinder Shinda Makes Hits!!

Putt Jattan De Bulande Bakre –  An anthem since it was released, has anyother Punjabi film song made such an impact? We don’t think so!

Balbiro Bhabi – From the Sucha Soorma folk tales series, Surinder Shinda made this folk tale his own, this originlal version sounds as awesome today as when we first heard it! That intro though!!!

Bari Khol Ke – No words, just one, ANTHEM!!!!

Badla – No matter how many times this song is covered, the Surinder Shinda version is still as hard hitting as ever.

Dhola Ve Dhola – This may not be on everyone’s lists, but for us this has to be in our top 10, nine mins of Shinda, can you really not have this in your top 10?

Aa Bar Dogar Vai – Shinda is on fire vocally, and this is pure gold, musically, lyrically the whole track sucks you in with such great story telling! Classic

Do Uthan Vale Ni – Not a dry eye in the house when we play this – an absolute gem from Shinda!

Mirza – Anthem, Shinda and Panjabi MC- Need we say more!!!

Put Sardaran De – Shinda sounds amazing end of, and it is our list lol!!

Last but not least we have Surinder Shinda and Surjit Bindrakhia live, this has been watched so many times and shared by so many that as soon as you press play you are in awe of two legends sharing a stage, the like of which we will never see again!


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