Asda Shopper Compares Muslims to Animals In Shocking Racist Rant


SHOCKING footage shows the moment an Asda shopper compared Muslims to animals after he was told to leave a store for bringing a dog inside.

The bald-headed man was confronted by staff as he approached the supermarket checkout with a bull mastiff on Saturday evening and was informed only guide dogs were allowed.

After quietly being asked to leave the supermarket, he launched a shocking racist tirade in front of shoppers at the superstore in Crewe.

He told the Asda employees: “Muslims are animals. You let them in here.”

Police are investigating and have asked the public to help them identify the suspects.

The dog owner, sporting tattoos on his skull, argued: “What’s the problem, like? It’s doing no harm. Someone tried nicking it last time I put it out there.”

When he was told only guide dogs were permitted inside the store, he replied: “You let Muslims in, don’t ya? They’re animals. Well, they are, aren’t they? In my eyes they’re animals.”

At that point he was asked to leave the shop but he continued his rant, saying: “Muslims are animals. You let them in here.”

The Asda employee asked the man why he needed to remain in the store when his friend was buying their food and drink, to which he said: “Because I’m his bodyguard. Might get attacked by Muslims.”

He said there was no sign explaining animals were banned but staff told him there were no signs prohibiting smoking either, as it was clearly not allowed.

His friend then chipped in, sneering: “Doesn’t say no Muslims either.”

As the men collected their shopping, the bald-headed man said: “F***ing dog, it’s not a f***ing Muslim. It’s not a P*** is it?”

Once the men had left the Crewe store, his friend said: “We were told to leave Asda because we took the dog in and we didn’t have a Muslim with us… I don’t really understand what their issues are.”

A Cheshire Police spokeswoman said: “At approximately 6.30pm on Saturday, October 27, two men entered the supermarket at the Victoria Centre, Newdigate Street, Crewe with a dog.

“On being asked to leave the store both of the men became racially abusive.

“Police have been made aware of the incident and are currently investigating.”



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