Avkash Mann Tere Vaaste – The Father & Sons First Release


Avkash Mann Tere Vaaste: It was July 2018 when Avkash Mann, son of Punjabi singer Harbhajan Mann released his debut single. The song was titled ‘Away’ and was in English. Now, the father and son duo have confirmed they will team up on a new Punjabi song called ‘Teere Vaaste’.

Punjabi industry veteran Harbhajan Mann took to Instagram to confirm the release. The Instagram post included a snippet of the new son. This is quite a departure from Avkash Manns launch last year. His debut single was in English and failed to generate a large enough buzz for him to carry on it seems.

Will this father-son duo give Avkash an in into the Punjabi industry? Do not be surprised if after this Avkash makes strides towards Punjabi cinema. Moving from English songs to Punjabi songs after just one release will see people questioning why the move so quick? For us, it is pretty simple, like many other artists who try and crossover, the comfort zone of the Punjabi industry is always there when all else fails!

Check out the debut single from Avkash Mann ‘Away’. The song was released in July 2018, and we were promised more English songs, but this was the sole release from Mann in 2018. Was this a one-off then?


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