Away – Avkash Mann (Son Of Singer Harbhajan Mann), Debut


Away, is the debut single from Harbhajan Mann’s son Avkash, and the surprising thing is? That it is totally in English. The lyrical content and the production is very non desi, if this is a way to escape his fathers shadow then, well he certainly has stepped out alone here.

We know that Avkash is new, so how honest can we be? The song really does very little for us, it is very one paced and has no spark to it, that said, if Avkash wants to stay out of his fathers shadow and impress upon people his own style, please please make sure your next single is not a Punjabi/Hindi one.


Fan’s are not as fickle as previous and if we see people trying to make it in another genre then defaulting to Punjabi audiences as soon as times get tough, well people see through it.

Lets hope Avkash has more to come and soon, as he seems marketable and deep inside of him, hopefully is a singer wanting to explode on the scene.


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