B Praak – The Changing Face Of Punjabi Music & My Part In It


The Punjabi ballad champion of recent years, B Praak. Has talked about the changing face of the Punjabi music scene. Changes that he feels he has made happen in the scene. B Praak claims he has brought about a change in the Punjabi music scene with a new wave of romantic melodies.

We asked B Praak why he feels he has changed the scene: 

“The same kind of songs were being made in the Punjabi music industry until a few years ago. There was a time when melodious songs almost got replaced by rap and beat songs. I believe I have broken that chain with my compositions,” B Praak stated in a phone conversation. 

“Melody will always be my priority. Even in the beat songs, I try to add melody. I don’t find my songs complete without melody. To create a meaningful and impactful melody, strong and emotional lyrics are important,” he added.

So, after such popular melody songs like “Mann bharrya” and “Masstaani” why the change to a more upbeat track (Nain Tere)?

According to B Praak, and this is something we concur with. Experimentation plays a vital role in an artist’s growth.

“I really wanted to come out of my comfort zone. For long, I was thinking of taking a break from sad songs to do something new. So, I thought it was a great opportunity to be a part of ‘Nain tere’, and entertain the audience with my new style,” he said.

Apart from regaling fans with his Punjabi hits, B Praak, whose original name is Pratik Bachchan, made his debut in Bollywood playback with “Kesari” earlier this year.

You can check out B Praak’s new song Nain Tere here via Speed Records:


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