Baazi Dil Di Himmat Sandhu, Latest Punjabi Song 2019


Baazi Dil Di is the final release from Himmat Sandhu in 2019. Saga Music has released the song and the music is provided by Desi Crew. This new Punjabi song from Himmat Sandhu does have a first we think. We have never previously heard a Punjabi song mention the white snow of Norway? Lyricist Narinder Batth must like the nordic climate. Review by DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress).

Saga Music have been embroiled in controversy in 2019, with various songs not featuring in the official YouTube charts even though they amassed huge amounts of views! But, hey that’s a story for another day. Back to Baazi Dil Di and you know what we like it musically. Lyrically the song is full of cliches, but the hook line is damn impressive. Himmat delivers the hook line with great passion and Desi Crews production is bang on point. The laid back approach from Desi Crew is the standout feature throughout the song. The downfall, lyrically to many cliches and this song will most likely get buried as other releases get dropped over the next few days.

Baazi Dil Di is the latest song from Himmat Sandhu to feature Desi Crew. In August 2019 he released the popular song Paranda. The song like the new release had a chilled out easy going pace to it. Paranda was well received and did put Himmat Sandhu back in the limelight after a couple of experimental gangster singles that failed to ignite the public’s imagination. Check out Himmat Sandhu and Desi Crew here on the song Paranda.

Want to see what other Punjabi songs Himmat Sandhu has released in 2019? Then just hit this link for his 2019 releases here via Daily Entertainment Xpress. The Xpress Punjabi music, news, gossip, food and fun entertainment site.



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