Babbu Maan and now Lakhwinder Wadli – Jeeti Singh Is Big Ballin’


Jeeti Singh has had a tough few weeks, his much loved football team Aston Villa failed to get promotion and then they fell on hard times with the tax man. Such is the Ying and Yang effect, his professional career has hit some real highs, working with the one and only Babbu Maan and now just in time for Eid, he drops his latest single with another man who needs no introduction Lakhwinder Wadli.

We decided to go catch up with Jeeti and talk music, we had to make an appointment as the man is playing with some big boys now!

Let us cut straight to the chase, Wadali straight after Babbu, that is big, was it as big for you?

Jeeti: Yeh that was a real big deal for me, the only artist from the UK to mix and master a project for him (Babbu Maan) the feedback has been great from fans and artists alike to. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with big artist’s like Sukshinder Shinda Babbu Maan Lakhwinder Wadali

Kanye next?

Jeeti: Who knows who will be next!

All this after a break from the scene? Where did you go?

Jeeti: For me. I’ve run a studio and been working in this industry non stop for 16 years,on a daily basis, whether it was production work studio hire mix mastering for other artists etc and tbh it started to take a toll so i took a break last year just to refocus & recharge myself and I’m now looking forward to releasing new material this year as a independent artist

Good to see that you are back, and the break seems to have worked, and got the attention of some big acts!

Jeeti: I’m back and will be releasing all sorts of material this year experimenting with lots of different sounds and genres to, the break did me good

So whats the new track about?

Jeeti: The track was originally done about 2 years ago for a film but as with a lot of things it never made it to production so I’ve just decided to release it as a single instead. It is a cover version of “kameez teri kaali” but I’ve given it a totally different feel. I’ve worked with Lakhwinder on many songs in the past we just seem to click and people have really shown love to the tracks in the past and im sure they will enjoy this to!



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