Babbu Maan Guru Randhawa Sidhu Moose Wala Who Actually Holds The Record?


Updated: 10th January 2020 Babbu Maan breaks records in Punjab once again for his live show, this time at Dirba!

STOP THE RECORD BOOKS! We have stewards enquiry, this time it involves the legendary Punjabi singer/actor-musician Babbu Maan and the young and uber-talented Guru Randhawa. This enquiry dates back to 2015 and is about size. As it seems most things are in the Punjabi community.

First and foremost let us make this clear, this is not about Babbu v Guru, but instead, it should be seen as an article about the growth of Punjabi music in India and the crowds it attracts. In fact Babbu has spoken highly of Guru Randhawa. Guru himself is a self-confessed fan of Babbu Maan.

On Tuesday Guru Randhawa took to Instagram to highlight a show of his on Monday night:

More thn 1.25 lac (125k) people came to see my performance in KOTA RAJASTHAN and it’s been recorded as the highest gathered audience in India for a live show. History has been made. Thanks to everyone for comin

But wait! Let us go back to 2015 and a show in Ranwan by Babbu Maan where the crowd was 1.5 lac attendees, that is 150k to you and I. So? Did the team behind Guru Randhawa jump the gun? As it does seem as if Babbu Maans record still does stand strong!

Babbu Maan said after the figure of 1.5 lakh was confirmed

Babbu maan says “Fans are my God,I’m nothing without them”


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