Babbu Maan Interview: The Punjabi Language, Gangsta Songs & Much More


Every industry has those individuals that keep things real and have a unique mass appeal. The Punjabi Entertainment industry is no different, Babbu Maan is that guy! When Babbu Maan speaks people listen, he speaks with authority and from experience and that has made him one of if not ‘the’ most respected man from the Punjabi Entertainment scene.

Today Babbu Maan was talking to the press and it’s very rare that we get an actual insight into the man. Here he talks about the Punjabi language, gangsta songs, the role of the press and Elly Mangat as well as a whole host of other things like only he can.

Check out the interview here via our friends at Savera Star Talk:

Babbu Maan also joined our friends at Punjabi Teshan: The start of the video says so much


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