Babbu Maan Launches His Own App & It’s Damn Impressive


The man they call Babbu Maan is calling the shots once again, seen as an innovator and a leader of the Punjabi music scene Babbu Maan has once again proved he is not one for standing still. The Babbu Maan dedicated app is here and you just know others will be eyeing this up to see how they can do likewise.

Babbu Maan was the first Punjabi artist to start his own films production, first to have a fully independent clothes brand and franchise and now first to do his own interactive app. The app allows you to access his songs, videos and films and there is even a section for fans. The best thing about the about is the ease of use.

You simply click on a video/song or movie and you are smoothly transported to the selected item.

You can download the free app here:

Apple Store –

Google Play –



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