Babbu Maan Slaps Man Harassing His Team – Video Goes Viral


Babbu Maan Slaps Video: A video has emerged overnight that has gone viral quicker than Gurdas Maans slump in popularity. The video which has come from a wedding in Punjab shows Punjabi singer/entertainer Babbu Maan confronting a fan & then slapping him.

Babbu Maan & his entourage are filmed leaving the wedding/event in a hurry. It is then that something is said to Babbu Maan.

He then stops & confronts the individual over what was just said. The video below shows fully what happened: Babbu Maan Slaps Video

Babbu Maan has not released a statement as of yet as to what occurred. It is understood that the event took place as Babbu and his team were leaving an event/wedding they were performing at.

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