Bagge Bagge Bail Live Part 2 – Sohan Shanker, Remember The Original? TUNNNNNEEEEEEEE


Going back 7-8 years this song was huge, every function in Punjab had ‘Bagge Bagge Bail’ by Sohan Shonkar on repeat, and the song did bang TBF. Sohan Shonkar has now dropped his new version of the song that put him on the map for a period of time ‘Bagge Bagge Bail’ 2019.

This is the original, familiarize yourself with it again… tune 

The music industry is littered with artists who are one hit wonders and unfortunately ‘Sohan Shonkar’ falls into that category, he has good distinctive voice, but he just never had a hit like ‘Bagge Bagge Bail’ again. So if the new stuff does not work, what do you do? You revert to type, and this is not a bad follow up to be fair, but possibly too similar to the original that had the whole of Punjab rocking at the mills 8 years ago. Either way, it is good to she Sohan Shankar back on our screens.

Singer – Sohan Shonker
Song – Bagge Bagge Bail Live Part 2
Lyrics – Laddi Gobindpuri
Music – Rajesh Kalsi

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This is not to be confused with Money Spinners version of Bagge Bagge Bail Part 2


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