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Bally Richlist, love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him, but are the preconceptions that you have about the self made multi millionaire based solely on his public demeanour? If yes, then the 5 videos below via UKVibe.TV may go some way to breaking down the myths about the man and his lifestyle. Behind the smoke screen is an individual who like us all has layers, so what sets him apart? Check out the overview of each video, and understand nothing in life comes easy, are you chasing a lavish lifestyle? Do you want to be happy in financial terms? Or is it health and mind wealth that is important to you? If you fall into those categories then check out the insights from Bally Richlist here

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Episode 1 – Work Ethic
“Actually, work, do not get caught up in this snapchat, facebook instgram bullshit, cus you are just going to end up with a load of followers and no money in your pocket”

Bally gives you an insight into how the Richlist started, he talks about how his parents gave him a footing in life, that afforded him the opportunity to grow. You remeber Sisqo (thong song), well if you are a fan, he started this journey for Bally

Episode 2 – Priorties
“Lot’s of people today do not have their priorities right, my priorities should have been my family and it wasn’t”

Family are vital to ensure you grow, only a happy family life will ensure you grow, mistakes are made by all, here Bally talks about his journey and how he had to grasp what his priorities where. No matter what you achieve with friends, there is nothing better than sharing it with family, the lifestyles of the rich and famous have a bedrock of family.. remember that!

Episode 3 – Hate and Criticism
“My father has always told me to stay humble,”

Social media is a driver for business, it is not about the amount of people who follow you, but instead Bally talks about how many of those users are actually relevant to you and your business, lot’s of people look at Bally alongside other successful people on social media and base an assessment from that, not grasping that, it is in fact a business card to generate interest and potential customers

Episode 4 – Business and Grounding
“I lost everything, I came back from LA having lost $25m overnight, I  came back to England with $2000 in my pocket”
“I do not want to be in that position again”

No one works for Bally, he has people who work with him, Bally in this episode talks about how people need to be valued and appreciated. Only then when you hit rock bottom can you count on support, and the biggest thing you need to do is to look at your life and work ethic and ask yourself “Do I want this”

Episode 5 – Ethics, Mindsets and Work
“I got lucky, or blessed one of the two, don’t think about sleeping, think about working, think about success, they only way you will get that is by working hard”

Bally finishes off by giving people an insight into his early days, being bullied  at school, and how even then he never stopped being Bally, a successful mindset is not something that social media can give you, standing out for being you you is key, be proud of what you are, be the champion of your circle, only by doing this will you break free from the shackles that hold you back, and only then will the journey start to a better you!

Huge shout out to Bally for working alongside us to grow Daily Ent. Xpress. More articles from Bally coming soon, in the meantime, fancy a summer break ?


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