Balwinder Singh Nagra -Charged With Assault! What A Criminal Record!


Balwinder Singh Nagra, 46, from Bellingham Washington has been sentenced to nine months of electronic home tagging. A SWAT team was called to his residence and he was arrested for assault, threatening to kill and holding his ex-wife and son captive for nearly two days in January 2018.

Balwinder Singh Nagra, 46, was sentenced Aug. 28 in Whatcom County Superior Court after he pleaded guilty May 8 to one count of felony harassment. In addition to that charge In a separate 2019 case, Nagra also was sentenced Aug. 28 for two counts of violating a domestic violence no-contact order. He was sentenced to 364 days in jail, with 364 suspended as long as he’s a law-abiding citizen, reports the Bellingham Herald.

Nagra previously was convicted in 2016 for reckless endangerment for shooting a gun at a Sikh festival near Lynden after he got into a fight with several men in 2014, according to court records. He has other convictions for felony harassment, malicious mischief and drug violations, records show.

In the domestic violence case, Nagra was originally charged with two counts of first-degree rape (domestic violence), two counts of felony harassment (domestic violence), first-degree kidnapping (domestic violence), second-degree kidnapping (domestic violence) and unlawful imprisonment (domestic violence).

Whatcom County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Richardson said follow-up interviews with law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office were held individually with Nagra’s ex-wife and son and they each gave a substantially different description of what happened than what was originally reported. Richardson said based on what he and law enforcement officers were told and what the ex-wife and son would testify to, there was no evidence to support the original charges.


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