Bamb Time – Jazzy B


Bamb Gaana – Jazzy B

Once again it’s been a big year for Jazzy B, with the release of his album staggered throughout 2017, Jazzy has ensured he has remained to the fore all year round, he signs the year off with his latest release “Bamb Gaana”

It’s Jazzy B’s diversity that leaves us always wondering which direction the song may take, last week was the tribute to Manak and this release see’s him veer away from his traditional sound to the other Jazzy B, courtesy of Harj Nagra and Fateh.

As Jazzy B fan’s the song is a must, for neutrals give it a listen it may grow on you.

One thing is for sure, this has been a great year for Jazzy and he has signed of in typical Jazzy B fashion, lehlo Bamb!


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