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Byg Byrd very much like Sidhu Moose Wala is a busy man in his own right. Today not only saw the release of the song Forget About It which featured production from Byrd. Punjabi music fans were also treated to the full video release from Byg Byrd and the Brown Boys label – Bandook Boldi, by singer Big Boi Deep.

The song Bandook Boldi by Big Boi Deep is from the successful Brown Boys album Brown Boys For Life. Big Boi Deep penned the lyrics to the track and this is a great follow up to his song Homicide. The Brown Boys team dynamic is a perfect fit for the aggressive delivery style of Big Boi Deep. This has seen him attract fans from around the world and not just North America. Bandook Boldi was one of our favourite tunes from the album released earlier this year. Thankfully it now has a video and will hopefully push the song out to the masses. Check out the full video and song to ‘Bandook Boldi’ here by Big Boi Deep and Byg Byrd.

The Brown Boys For Life album was refreshing when it was released earlier this year. The album had a strong Hip Hop feel throughout and showcased the ability of Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton. The album featured Sidhu Moose Wala and a host of other artists also. Check it out here in full.

Brown Boys Forever Album – Check It Out Here In Full


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